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Historisk tidskrift 129:3 • 2009

Innehåll (Contents) 2009:3

Uppsatser (Articles)

”Vi tar farväl av pianoläraren”. Retoriska konstruktioner av en homosexuell manlig subjektivitet utifrån tal om öppenhet och homosexuell exklusivitet i svensk homopress 1965–1986

Hanna Bertilsdotter Rosqvist

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”We bid the piano teacher farewell” – rhetorical constructions of a homosexual male subjectivity according to the communication of openness and homosexual exclusivity in Swedish gay media 1965–1986

Several researchers have argued that gay media is vital in the process of shaping a (modern) homosexual male subjectivity and a (modern) LGBT-community. In this paper, critical bisexual theory is used to deconstruct and analyze various types of ideals and the ways these ideals are preserved. This critical theory is applied to an analysis of ideals and norms among men having sex with men, as expressed in articles published in Swedish gay magazines 1965–1986. Rather than the presence of a sequential transition from non-specific practices into a homosexual (male) subjectivity, several competing ideals and available subjectivities were present in this period. The first ideal can be described as an ideal expressing disclosure and exclusive homosexuality. It is formed in relation to an ideal of discretion as well as a more including ideal of sexual affinity across the boundaries of sexuality. Finally, the concept of homonormativity is introduced and an argument made for the importance of critically reviewing its implications; the constructions and the maintenance of certain practices and subjectivities as being more worth striving for and more intelligible than other competing practices and subjectivities within the LGBT-community.


gay media, homonormativity, disclosure, homosexuality, critical bi- sexual theory