Historisk Tidskrift. Utgiven av Svenska historiska föreningen
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Historisk tidskrift

Published continuously since 1881, Historisk tidskrift (“Historical journal”) is Sweden’s leading journal for research in history and economic history. It is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal published by the Swedish Historical Society, a member of the International Committee of Historical Sciences. With an edition of approximately 1 300 copies distributed to national and international subscribers, Historisk tidskrift is the largest Swedish academic journal in the humanities. Each yearly volume has four issues and contains approximately 800 pages.

Historisk tidskrift publishes articles based on original research in the historical sciences and has no chronological, thematic, disciplinary or geographic restrictions. All article manuscripts that pass the first editorial review are assessed by at least two external reviewers, one of whom is normally affiliated with a non-Swedish academic institution. Currently, around one out of five unsolicited manuscripts is accepted for publication.

In addition to original research Historisk tidskrift also publishes review essays, book reviews, debates and notices. The majority of Swedish dissertations in the disciplines of history and economic history are reviewed by faculty opponents. Every year a thematic issue is published which typically contains six to nine research articles on a specific theme of current interest.

The majority of the contributions to Historisk tidskrift are written in Swedish, although occasionally articles and review essays are published in another Scandinavian language or in English. All research articles are provided with an English summary of between 1 000 and 2 000 signs. Since 2002, all issues are published in full text on the journal’s Internet web page with a half year moving wall.

Historisk tidskrift is published with the support of the Swedish Research Council and Sweden’s Royal Academy of Letters. Subscriptions are SEK 200 per year for students under the age of 30, SEK 400 for individuals and SEK 500 for institutions within Sweden. For international subscribers postage is added. Please contact the editiorial office at red@historisktidskrift.se for orders and more information.